Conversations in the back of the car:

GG: Talking of bets (were we?) Jodie owes me £3.20

The Bug: Why?

GG: Because I bet her that she couldn’t do 7 sums in 5 minutes, and she did, and I was going to pay her, but when they came back corrected, she’d got 3 wrong, so she lost.

Mummy: Why £3.20? That’s an odd amount.

GG: *sighs* Because I already owed her £2.20 from when she bet me I couldn’t go all day without touching my face, and I nearly did it but forgot at the last minute. So then we agreed that I wouldn’t have to pay her if she lost this maths bet.

M: I’m not sure you should be making bets and owing money in school.

GG: But I need to. I need to get lots of money so me and Lily can start up M&L designs. We’re designing our summer line right now, but we need at least £10 to make 2 outfits. When they’re made, we’ll sell them for more than we paid for the fabric, and then we can make even more.

*Gives up on the morality of taking a bet in school and congratulates self on raising an enterprising child.* Plus it’s good practice for maths.

The Bug: When I’m older, I’m going to be a millionaire. I know what I want to be. I want to drive a Lifeboat. Or maybe a ferry with a glass bottom so everyone can see what’s going on underneath them. Anyway, you’ve made the music so loud that it’s coming up through my bottom and making my bottom jingle.


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