Taking a bet: Wot so Funee?

Conversations in the back of the car:

GG: Talking of bets (were we?) Jodie owes me £3.20

The Bug: Why?

GG: Because I bet her that she couldn’t do 7 sums in 5 minutes, and she did, and I was going to pay her, but when they came back corrected, she’d got 3 wrong, so she lost.

Mummy: Why £3.20? That’s an odd amount.

GG: *sighs* Because I already owed her £2.20 from when she bet me I couldn’t go all day without touching my face, and I nearly did it but forgot at the last minute. So then we agreed that I wouldn’t have to pay her if she lost this maths bet.

M: I’m not sure you should be making bets and owing money in school.

GG: But I need to. I need to get lots of money so me and Lily can start up M&L designs. We’re designing our summer line right now, but we need at least £10 to make 2 outfits. When they’re made, we’ll sell them for more than we paid for the fabric, and then we can make even more.

*Gives up on the morality of taking a bet in school and congratulates self on raising an enterprising child.* Plus it’s good practice for maths.

The Bug: When I’m older, I’m going to be a millionaire. I know what I want to be. I want to drive a Lifeboat. Or maybe a ferry with a glass bottom so everyone can see what’s going on underneath them. Anyway, you’ve made the music so loud that it’s coming up through my bottom and making my bottom jingle.


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27 thoughts on “Taking a bet: Wot so Funee?”

  1. I love reading about GG & Bug – they kill me. Bug’s random speech finishing off with bottom jiggling was hilarious and I’m still giggling now!! 🙂

  2. Brilliant! GG has a very shrewd business brain going on there! Bug – I know exactly what you mean about bottom jingling! 🙂

  3. I’m thinking you’d best give her the money, because if she does end up being a millionaire you will want her to remember this.

  4. You have a little entrepreneur on your hands! Excellent 🙂
    Bottom jingling… Brilliant, you’d better turn the music down!

  5. Epic. I’ve not blogged the particular comment Ollie made this time, but I’ve included a link to it on my timeline at SaveEveryStep.com. Hope that’s legit!

  6. Very enterprising! I love the M&L designs idea – working out how much fabric cost me and calculating how much I’d sell for is exactly what I’m doing with nappies right now 🙂

  7. Aaah – if only driving lifeboats brought in millions! Sounds as though your two may help keep you when you’re in your dotage. Good on them!

  8. Your two are just brilliant – love that they’re planning their futures even with the bottom jingling distractions! Hilarious post. Have linked up, just need to sort POD out then be over to comment on the other posts 🙂

  9. ha ha coming up through my bottom and making me jiggle!!! that made me laugh out loud!
    I think GG is being very enterprising – i look forward to seeing her on a kids version of Dragons Den!!

  10. What outfit is they planning to make? Before you consider investing, I think you should get the details. £10 on materials for two outfits doesn’t seem much. My trips to the fabric shop always cost a lot more. Unless she is making bikinis and then she probably is on to a winner……hmm, I might be overthinking again.

    • I think she is revising her costs already after the first visit – plus they are making 1 dress now. But it’s all good practice 🙂

  11. How very enterprising! I am totally sold on a ferry with a glass bottom!

    I await further instructions on her new clothes website 😉

  12. Oh how I love those random conversations with children in the car…or anywhere for that matter. You sound like you’ll be OK in your old age though; they’re both obviously thinking big 😉 xx


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