Wot so Funee? Proud moments for parents

Wot So Funee?Over Christmas my mother spent some time in my room. I’m not usually fond of this experience, because she tidies things. I take after my Dad – I can’t find my stuff if it’s tidy! Seriously mother, stay out of my room!

Another ill-effect of the process is that she comes across random bits of paper and old schoolwork I have ‘filed.’ What? There is nothing wrong with my homework sharing a living space with my tights. It’s perfectly logical. To me.

Proud moments for parents

Anyway, she found these. Number one is the speech I prepared last year to convince my class that I should be their representative on the School Council.

"Creating a speech for the School Council"

She stopped rummaging through my Barbie shoes for bits of lost LEGO at that point and sat down in a corner for a few minutes. I have no idea why, but she did that sniffing thing she does when she’s ‘having a moment.’

I decided that this would be the best moment to show her my achievement certificate from leaving last year’s class. Like most parents she hopes I’ll come home with good academic reports, and I very often do, but I failed to win the title of “Most likely to be Prime Minister” last year. Instead, I scooped this one:

"Proud Mum - School Award"

It’s a good achievement – not many people can remain lively and lovable under the strain of all that maths and literacy!

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18 thoughts on “Wot so Funee? Proud moments for parents”

  1. I have those moments sniffling in the corner too so your mum is definitely normal 😉
    It sounds like you would be amazing on the school council and your award is way better than possible prime minister !! x

  2. I would definitely vote for GG – she sounds like she would make an ace councillor. Lively and lovable is a very difficult balance to pull off too, my son tends to go big guns on the lively which has a negative effect on the lovely 😉

  3. When our son went away to university last year, hubby cleaned his room. Organized everything in bags with labels, but oh my was the teenage boy mad! Apparently he couldn’t find anything. We just close doors now.

  4. GG you are lucky ….. I go into my daughters room and “tidy” when she isn’t around. She comes back and wonders where her stuff has gone 🙂

    P.S I love your award!!

  5. I hate it when my Mum cleans my room! I can never find anything. I would like you to be on my school council, from Grace x


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