Wot So Funee?Is it just me who finds this funny? I’ve been away to BritMums Live this weekend, and when I came home with the irascible Mammasaurus, who was staying the night at ours, this “observational drawing” was awaiting me, courtesy of my daughter. Normally I would find it nothing short of charming, an example of the work she is currently immersed in at school. But it appears to be a blogging congratulations πŸ˜• I am further confused by the fact that I am only the second named recipient of this award, Annie herself looking like the more important winner. I think it’s even possible that I was an afterthought. Hmmmm…

An observational drawing of a daisy

"observational drawing"

On the other hand, there were numerous other gifts and notes scattered around the house for random discovery, including 2 rather special bouquets of flowers. I was thrilled, of course, and somewhat mollified the next morning when I awoke to the news that:

“We spent Β£65 pounds Mummy. Yours was Β£40 and Annie’s was Β£25, so yours was the most. Then we spent a pound on Crunchies to put inside the flowers, and Β£10 on lottery tickets, so we actually spent Β£76.”

Oh, that’s alright then.


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