Networking: Mummy Meets the Real Bloggers

Blogging is pretty new to Mummy, but at a recent bloggers networking event she met a whole crew of local mummy bloggers in our area. She had heard of most of these ladies, but had no idea that they lived just round the corner. So when they invited her to join their gang on a night out she was thrilled. A social life is something she seems to crave, although why, when she has so many Rainbow Fairy books, Polly Pocket dolls, and Moshi Monster cards at home, is completely beyond me.

She quietly anticipated a champagne-fuelled lunch, or a nice rioja at the pub, alongside an informative chat about how to make the most of her blog. How wrong was she? The food and the wine were certainly on the agenda, but apparently there was first to be a kind of initiation ceremony. There was mention of tattoo make-up and fake-tanning.

Now, Mummy’s recollection of a fake tan involves paper knickers and the humiliating instruction to ‘lift the left one, then the right, while I spray the white bits’. Suddenly this began to sound like the worst kind of networking event imaginable. All her optimistic visions of hyping her writing skills with a group of like-minded professionals evaporated, and anticipation morphed in to a kind of quiet terror. She reluctantly kissed us goodnight and set off into the unknown.

She need not have panicked so. All the mummy bloggers were lovely, the make-up was gorgeous, the threading not nearly as painful as you’d imagine, and the fake-tan non-compulsory, phew! I just have this to say to the lovely organiser Chrissie from Mediocre Mum: can you invite her again soon – and make her buy a bottle of that wonderful purple nail-polish she has on today? I want it for my Barbies.

4 thoughts on “Networking: Mummy Meets the Real Bloggers”

  1. Ohh lucky you, sounds fab. I drove past there yesterday on the way to Big Space.

    I so need to get out and meet the other local bloggers!

    Just saw you won the Cybermummy ticket, big well done. See you there.

    Mich x

  2. oh wow, I’m so pleased you’re coming, will be great to see you again. Well done you! Sounds like you’ve been having some networking fun!
    See you next weekend!
    Caroline x (the Lunchbox Lady!)


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