Murder Mystery party nightmare… Wot so funee

Wot So Funee?Mummy is catching up on Strictly via Sky plus. Behind the salsa beat she is listening to the background patter of my feet, roaming around upstairs. I’ve been down for cuddles twice; each time I was met with understanding and a supportive hug. The third time I was told firmly that enough was enough, and sent back to sleep. But I can’t…

I had a fantastic day today. Mummy’s friend had a birthday, and what she wanted most was a party with children. They had set up a Murder/Mystery game for us, Cluedo-style. My friend’s Dad was a genius at creating clues relevant to the guests and the house. It was soooooo much fun! My friend and I were right on it, Sherlock Holmes little helpers, totally focused, and loving it.

"Murder Mystery Clues"

We had specific clues, “weapons” were hidden in various rooms, and our Mums and Dads were the suspects. It was incredible! The challenge was compelling, we outed the murderer, and were rewarded with a final clue, leading to treasure. Why aren’t all birthdays like that?

Happy, and full of pizza, we took turns at blowing out her candles (there were 6 of us, it took a while) and then trundled home to our beds. The Bug has the perfect switch-off mechanism for his head, and was soon snoozing gently on his Star-Wars pillow. Honestly, how that boy manages to sleep with Darths Maul and Vader battling it out on his duvet cover is unfathomable!

For me it’s a rather different process. First I have to sing for a bit; then I need to tell Bebear all about my day; often my eyelids will drop at this point, but tonight was a bit different. I couldn’t stop thinking about my ace day: how much fun we had; how many treats we ate; how cool it was to play a murder mystery; how exciting it was not knowing who the murderer was; how scary it was not knowing who the murderer was; how scary Mummy’s friend K looked – I’ve honestly never thought of her as scary before tonight…

“Mummy! I’ve had a bad dream!”
“No, you haven’t. You haven’t been to sleep yet.”
“But I’ve still had a bad dream! I dreamed that you and Daddy were asleep in bed and K was killing you with a wooden sword!”


I might watch my back next time we go over there for a cup of tea and a biscuit…

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Next week Wot So Funee? will be on holiday for Christmas Day, but I have no doubt something amusing will happen at around 4am so we’ll be back to tell you about it on 1 January!

8 thoughts on “Murder Mystery party nightmare… Wot so funee”

  1. What a great idea for a party! Have only ever played the grown-up dinner party version where you all get dressed up in character and drink wine 🙂

    • Doing that for NYE. Just getting frivolous with the potential costume from ebay 😉 Merry Christmas lovely and thanks for joining in!


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