I know about God: Wot So Funee?

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Wot So Funee?

Some of the the things the Bug and I know about God….

GG: Mummy, God is the only person who never leaves you.
Bug: Yes, because I know where God is. He’s in your heart.

Bug: Mummy, today God came to visit our class!
GG: 🙄 No he didn’t. God can’t actually go places.
Bug: He can! He came to talk to us about the Christian religion. I know him, his name’s Graham.

Bug: Look, there’s God, that’s who came to visit us today! That’s God.
The Vicar: Ah, hello Bug. No, I’m not God. I am a friend of God’s though. It’s an easy mistake to make…

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14 thoughts on “I know about God: Wot So Funee?”

  1. I heard a friend of my eldest teaching him ‘God the Builder, can we fix it, God the Builder, yes we can!’

  2. I don’t have a Post for you, but I do have plenty of quotes. My 5 year old youngest is in a proper ‘funnee’ stage again right now. Yesterday he looked his almost-teen brother in the eye and dead-seriously said, “George, your face is too big.”
    He was speechless. Rare, but good.

  3. I love reading these posts, the little man’s vocabulary only stretches as far as dada so no joining in for us. Pretty impressive to meet god though, most of us have to die to do that one!


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