It’s a well-known fact that my Mummy is rubbish at craft. But she also complains frequently about something called “skint,” which I gather has something to do with Christmas and money. I am beginning to fear that it may have an impact on Santa’s finances too, so I have a plan. I have brought home a book from the school library called Christmas Crafts! I thought she would be pleased with the suggestions for homemade Christmas presents, but she looked aghast (I will be using that word a lot this week – it’s my WOW word for school…) and turned her attention to the ironing.

I’m still working on her, and I’m confident of an about-face, but in the meantime, for those of you who would like more ideas for a homemade Christmas, here are some fabulous suggestions for homemade decorations. I’ll keep you posted on progress with my library book!


* Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. 

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