Go it alone in 2022

Have you ever considered going travelling by yourself before? So many don’t consider how travelling could be the best thing that they do for themselves, but even more how solo travel could make them feel. We’re gifted with a whole new year in 2022, and one of the best adventures that you could choose to go on this year is a solo one. You might have kids and a partner at home, but you’re not defined by any of them! You can jump in the car and road trip to a new place, or you can simply hop a plane and pick somewhere to go. Either way, you should consider going it alone next year.

Life is too short to keep putting off experiences that you could be in the thick of right now. You should think about how you are impacting yourself whenever you say no to what you want. Yes, an unknown place can be overwhelming, but those Egypt tours you keep seeing just seem so magnetic. You might well be ready to get up and get on with your life but why not inject some fun into it, too? Here are five great reasons that you should go it alone in 2022!

  1. You only answer to yourself. When you go it alone, you are not answerable to anyone but you; that means that you can make your own decisions, choose where you eat, what you do and where you visit without the input of anyone trying to dissuade you. Your holiday, your way and it’s often the best way to do it! 
  2. You can do whatever you want! If you want to rock climb you can. If you want to lie in bed for a day and just catch up on your sleep, you can do that, too. If you’ve ever wanted to go somewhere just for yourself, you can do it and you won’t have to worry about what anyone tells you to do! You can book a tour or two, or a spa massage. It’s all up to you how you choose to spend your time.
  3. You get to discover so much more. About you, about the location you’re going to – there are so many ways that you can go it alone on your holiday and one of the best perks is the things you can discover. You can learn all about the local areas, the theme parks, the beaches – oh, the beaches. You can take Egypt tours and Jordan tours, Australia tours and more depending on where you choose to go.
  4. The chance to meet new people is very high when you go it alone next year. You’re going to get a chance to meet entirely new people that you don’t know, meaning you can be whoever you want to be while you’re on your holiday. Your new friends could show you around and you can be as sociable as you choose to be!
  5. You can have time for you. If you’re in the family rat race, you’ll appreciate this one. Time for quiet and time for peace are so important, and you can do it when you find yourself holidaying alone.

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