Image courtesy of the Disney Store

Isn’t he cute? Stitch – the Bug took a fancy to him immediately on arrival at Disney World in Orlando, having never once watched an episode of Lilo and Stitch on TV. It’s so easy to spend money at Disney – there is cuteness everywhere you look. Even if you steer clear of the gift shops, you can’t fail to be swept along with the magic on the streets. Most of our requests were rebuffed by M&D, but by the law of averages we prevailed, and secured a couple of these:

How could any self-respecting parent say no, when they’re floating there amongst 50 others, straining at their ribbons, bursting with the promise of magic and lighting up the smiles on children’s faces?

We also fell in love with Stitch; he’s Disney’s version of a Pillow-Pet. We recognised the format immediately, having craved one for months, and memorised the advert:

We discussed our pets on our walk back from the boat to our room at the Wilderness Lodge hotel. We talked about the marketing that made us want Stitch and Marie (Aristocats). We sang Daddy the tune, and talked about what the brand message was (yeah, I know, our Dad is in marketing, it happens a lot). Is it a pet? Is it a pillow? Maybe they considered cushion? From behind us the Bug’s small voice piped up:

“It’s basically a square with a head. And when you fold it up, it’s a cylinder.”

Marketing guru in the making.

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