Bullies: Wot so Funee?

Short and sweet for us this week, but here’s one from The Bug:

I’m delighted to confirm that I have moved up 3 book levels in my first half term of Year 2 at school. I’m particularly taken with a book series about Big Barry Baker. I’m less keen on my mother’s attempts to focus me on the wider issues in the text I’m reading. We recently read Big Barry Baker and the Bullies.

Two chapters, and I read them very well, thank you. Then begins the inquisition:

“Why do you think children become bullies? She begins to quiz me. “They’re all born sweet innocent babies, so what do you think happens to them to turn them into bullies?”

There’s only one thing for it when she starts with this line of questioning. If she gets any kind of thoughtful response we’ll be there all afternoon engaged in some kind of moral lecture. I shut it down as fast as possible:

“I don’t know! I’m not an expert on bullies!!”

I may be six, but there’s no flies on me.

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16 thoughts on “Bullies: Wot so Funee?”

  1. Haha good answer! My 4 year old has quickly learned to shut down Mummy question time with “Just leave it Mummy, we’ll discuss it later!!”

  2. Cute and to the point, I like it!
    I’ve linked up with our magic moment but it’s so a funee too.
    Hope half term going well
    Jeannette x

  3. Haha. I think it’s a good technique that boys often use to get out of further questioning. I know my husband still uses this kind of logic a lot of the time. x

  4. Hehe she is very wise – I like that response. Little Z explains everything with “they were tired” or “they were scared” 🙂

  5. Uh oh. My first link up with Wot so Funee, and I think I might have bungled it! My post is a bit of a laugh, but at Mum’s expense. No toddler linguistics involved, I am afraid.
    Loving the ‘Bullies’, btw 😀

  6. Bug is an absolute genius, fending off comments. I feel like I could really learn from him. I hope he never has to learn about Bullies properly as well. Congrats on your new reading level Bug – definitely on the way to world domination methinks 🙂

  7. I reckon we could all take a leaf out of his book and use the very same sentence in loads of situations but just change the word ‘bullies’!

  8. Glad to hear that Bug is learning the very grown-up skill of deflection! Clever little lad. Buns and cakes are a lot more interesting than bullies, anyway….


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