Brain fog: Wot so Funee?

By The Bug, aged 5¾

"pants"I’m not sure what it is with the women in my house at the moment. It’s like they’ve all got some kind of dementia. I mean, with Mummy you’ve got to expect it – she’s forever forgetting where I left my water bottle, and it’s got to the point where I may as well just put my pants in the wash-basket myself these days – she’s really not on top of things like she once was…

But now my sister has brain fog as well! Daddy says she has her head in the clouds, which I’m fairly sure is a youthism, but I spied her attempting to put her shoes in the bin this week instead of the shoe cupboard. They’re not even in the same room! She claims she has a lot on her plate at the moment; she appears to have developed something called “hayfever” this week, which apparently makes you very grumpy and generally intolerant of others. That’ll be what’s wrong with Mummy then…

Anyway, along with the hayfever GG is cultivating the skill of metaphor in melodrama! Our Grandad was a fan of the melodramatic whenever he perceived an undue lack of attention, and my sister has inherited his ability to ham it up. But all credit to her for her descriptive analogy at the school cake sale this week, after simultaneously purchasing 2 chocolate cakes and 3 second-hand books. Elbowing her way out of the cake-seeking missiles that are Year 6 kids on a vegetable bake day, she panted:

I’ve just escaped being squashed by a whole load of giant gumballs! I’m only a little Smartie!”

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33 thoughts on “Brain fog: Wot so Funee?”

  1. Hayfever is a good excuse for brain fog. Sorry to hear it! Hope summer takes it away…

    By the way, I have your badge on my pinterest page. I don’t think I remembered to write that.

  2. Bug, you’re a man after my own fart. Women make NO sense. Zero. Mum told me they don’t even have willies. What the flip?! Loving your work, Bean x

  3. I think he’s the most sensible one in your household!
    Love the pants – lovely colours …and that WAS me being funny 😉

  4. Glad I’m not the only one who puts shoes in the bin by mistake. I’m blaming baby brain though, but how long can that excuse last?! Thanks for the linky, really enjoying it 🙂

  5. I don’t know! What you have to put up with Bug, eh? But you know what? Hayfever isn’t very nice, so be gentle with GG. X.

  6. This is disturbingly similar to my own views, and it sounds like mummy is letting the side down a bit. I would bring this to her attention! Lovely post.

    • Thing is, when four people leave their pants all over the floor AND hide them under random objects, it’s not easy to stay in control!

    • Seriously, they were like a swarm of locusts! Me and the Bug sat on the side while GG “went in.” Empty tables within 5 minutes

  7. I’m glad the smartie and the chocolate cakes survived the school sumo wrestle. Roll on more chocolate-fuelled witticisms!

  8. Oh that is so very funny. I can really relate to the mum- I’ve been having trouble with drinks bottles and washing too!


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