Wot So Funee?Welcome back to another Wot so Funee? We’ve loved reading the antics at Nikki, Emma, and Donna‘s blogs, but now it’s time for us to entertain you. And boy, have we clocked up some gaffs – all at the expense of the Bug. I’m sure he’ll get me back for this, but for now, he has the floor.

Mums and Dads bicker. I know you know how it goes. Dads make a mess, Mums sigh a lot and do tidying, until they get tired, and then they start to grumble. I’m rather good at heading all that off and telling Daddy what he’s doing wrong before it even goes that far, but of course, there are always the moments I miss.

One of Daddy’s particularly bad habits is to be lazy about his contact lenses. A wearer since very young, he’s adept at popping his eyes in and out anywhere, and doesn’t pay too much attention to the ritual they insist on in Specsavers. If there isn’t a bin nearby, or a loo, the lenses will just get flicked, to turn up in random locations during the week.

This morning was a case in point. Daddy was getting it in the neck for a particularly unusual lens deposit. Apparently he had plonked them on the side of the television. Not on the top, on the side. Both of them. “Honestly!” she complained. “It’s so unhygienic! It’s almost as bad as bogies stuck to the wall!”

Ah! piped up a small voice from the other room, where only snippets of the conversation were making their way through. That was probably me, sorry.

At least he’s honest, my brother 😉

Now, if you have a funny post about something your children have said or done, add it to the linky below and we’ll come over to visit! Go and visit some of your fellow linkers too, so see what their families have been laughing at this week.



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