Athlete’s Foot: Wot so Funee?

"athlete's foot"

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Very short, but very snort-worthy this week. A quick story about athlete’s foot, from a friend of mine. Finishing off her bath-time routine, E notices the tin of athlete’s foot spray perched on the corner of the bath:

  • E “Oh, by the way Mum, that stuff doesn’t work.”
  • Mum: “What do you mean?”
  • E: *shrugs* “Just that it doesn’t work, I sprayed some on my feet and it made no difference.”
  • Mum: “What? Why did you spray it on your feet?”
  • E: *huffs* “Well, obviously, I wanted to run faster. Like I said, it doesn’t work…”

Wot? Wot so Funee?

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19 thoughts on “Athlete’s Foot: Wot so Funee?”

  1. Short and quite to the point – you were right – definitely snort worthy – luckily nobody was in the kitchen with me when it happened!!!!!

  2. hahaha!! When I was a kid my dad had athlete’s foot and I used to think he was an athlete because he had it…lol

  3. Haha brilliant. Well in all fairness, Athletes Foot is a bit of a stupid name isn’t it! I have linked up xx

  4. I love kids lateral thinking when they are younger.I’m rubbish at blogging my kids little funnees.Must try harder after Brit Mums Live!

  5. Children and their lovely, wonderful, fantastic magical thinking! Please send my condolences that it didn’t work!

  6. Ha yes, I could see that coming. Love the lateral thinking, totally logical – why DO we call it athlete’s foot?! I used to get it lots when I swam competitively so thought it should be called swimmer’s foot 😉

  7. Logical answer there! Kids make such sense. Sorry there’s no funee from us this week, we’ll be back at the beginning of July after our holidays xx

  8. I love that kids take things so literally; I told my son that fish is known as ‘brain food’ and he said, ‘Why should I believe that? A funny bone isn’t REALLY funny, is it?’ Like this example, you can completely understand the logic 🙂


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