Wot So Funee?

“Ok GG have fun at Brownies. Daddy’s picking you up later. Don’t forget to bring your coat home.”

“I’m back Mummy…!”

“Did you remember your coat?”


There were remonstrations, there was screaming and yelling at the unfairness of having to remember everything! And there was the penance of having to go to bed and ‘think’ about how I might remember better next time. I went to bed. Mummy finished reading to the Bug. As she left her room, there was this, just outside the door:

"apology letter"

And that isn’t even the funniest thing! When she came to ask why I’d complained about not being allowed to go on Movie Star Planet (my latest online craze) when it was always bedtime straight after  Brownies, I giggled.

“Oh that’s because that note was one I wrote last week and never gave you. I thought it might come in handy sometime…”

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47 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. Love it! Particularly like the use of the highlighter pen and capital letters for emphasis. Very well thought out. You’ll go far 🙂

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  2. Haha! All complaints shall be made in writing…
    Is it national complain to you parents month (someone forgot to tell me) or am I just behaving badly at the moment – I’ve had lots of this sort of thing!

  3. I don’t know what impresses me most, the cleverness of the letter, or the fact that she wrote it last week and managed to calm her self down enough not to give you until the next time you upset her.

  4. Haha, love this! And I love the comment above about the excellent use of highlighter. She will go far with these excellent writing skills, as eloquent as ever.

  5. Oh my goodness, your daughter is absolutely priceless! I can only imagine what career she will choose when she grows up!

  6. It drives me bonkers that no matter what the weather my kids head out coatless and I’m expected to remember coats for them all because they say “you never told us to put our coats on”!!! To be it is pretty obvious when there is frost outside but apparently they still want to be told that they will need their coat.

    This has also given me an idea…I think i will also remember to save some of the kids notes in case they come in handy in future like when they write me a note to apologise and promise to never do/say something again and then they do! x

  7. I probably shouldn’t have laughed…..But I did! And I shouldn’t because I have a pretty strong feeling I will be sharing things like this in 8 years time from my own girly.
    Thanks for linking up with See It Snap It Love It. X

  8. Popped over to link this week but had a #technofail there and frustratingly can’t see the witty response of GG as #technofail there too! Got gist of joke I think but feel as though am missing punchline – shucks. Will come back next week when my stars are in alignment or something!

  9. My little big man decided in burst into the bathroom brandishing a NEF gun shouting “Put up your hands!”. Since I was a bit indisposed this wasn’t possible so I got the reply “I’m gonna take you down!!!!” Charming…….

  10. Oh that has just made me giggle so much! Keeping in for a “rainy day” just in case it came in useful! What a brilliant note 🙂 (And also thankful you explained what Movie Star Planet is!)

    Thank you for linking up! XX


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