Coping with a family disaster during your A-Levels

When Becky was 17, and just about to sit her A-Levels, her Dad was sent to prison. We chat about how that felt to a young girl at the most important stage of her life so far, and how it affected her studies at school and beyond.

In this episode of the Teenage Kicks podcast Becky talked about how, although it was difficult for her to visit her dad in prison, she mostly felt for the families with younger children who she saw there. Becky used her studies to distract herself from her family situation, and got the A-Level grades she needed for university. It was only there that things started to unravel.


If you’re coping with having a loved on in prison, there are organisations who can help:

You can find more about Becky on her blog The Spirited Puddle Jumper, or on Instagram.

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